For each area in which people are to be counted, a so-called counting group must be created and the corresponding sensors must be assigned. A sensor can also be assigned to several counting groups, which means that individual subareas can also be covered. A common use case is the assignment of several sensors for entrances and exits of a building.

To create a counting group, click the button “create counting group“. A form will be opened where you can enter all necessary details, such as the name of the counting group, reset times, and the appropriate sensors. In case you want to monitor the occupancy of a certain area, make sure to specify the visitor capacity and to select a reset time (daily or weekly). This is required to handle inaccurate measurements of the sensors or manual counters that would accumulate over time.

Finally, choose the sensors that belong to the counting group (hold down CTRL to select multiple sensors) and click “OK”. Once the counting group is created, you can select it in the Dashboard.